Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Photo Shoot # 1

Who would have ever thought photo shoots would be fun….AHRM ME! Last week Promise popped its photo shoot cherry with the help of good friends George and Lizey Morgan. Being a small shop we had limited space to work with, so with that we pulled apart the place and turned Promise into a photography studio! 

Promise was taken over by bright lights, backdrops, shoes, bras, accessories, make-up and offcourse clothes! It was like walking into an ultimate girls room, everything you could ever want sprawled around the shop ready for the picking, only for shoot purposes offcourse! 

Why is Promise photo shooting I hear you ask? Well all of this hard work is in preparation for Promise’s E-Boutique!! That’s right we are entering the wonderful online world and you will soon be able to purchase from us from wherever you are. Whilst we are very excited, you can still purchase off our facebook page with next day delivery. 

Watch this space for more posts and our progress!
Love Promise xx

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