Monday, 28 May 2012

Miss Blogger - Annika Hein

It would be my pleasure to introduce you to Annika Hein who is not only a good friend but also an amazing fashion blogger and is truly devoted to the cause in an unconventional way. Known as the ‘effortlessly unconventional scholar’ she blogs for Street Scholar as well as her personal bogs Cadenceandclementine and Grey Attic. Annika says “I’m a little hard to define, my look, my lifestyle and my loves are extremely eclectic yet somehow specific and distinct, but to put it simply I like cool s**t, stuff that has an edge and attitude about it, things that sit a little left of centre and really make you think”. 

 I thought it was only too appropriate to feature dearest Annika, with all things considered as she is a lover of winter! If she could live in winter all year round she would be as happy as when she finds her vogue or Harpers subscription in her letterbox! Her most fashion loves are black stockings, burgundy and navy nail polish, fire engine red lippy and most of all “I need these in my life”, if I had a dollar for every time I here these words I would be rich!! She is inspired by some of the greatest duo’s McQueen and Ms. Blow, Anna and Grace, Bonnie and Clyde, MK and Ashleigh, Karl and Chanel and oh did I mention she has an unhealthy obsession with people’s names and by names I mean that’s just it peoples names! 

In her own words Annika describes her style as contradicting, loving everything from skulls to floral prints! She blogs about every fashion trend under the sun, however at the end of the day Annika wears her style well and is fashion forward in her own right! She has a niche in translating and envisioning fashion and turning them into words, expressing her opinions and is not afraid to own them! Basically the moral of the story is watch out blogosphere Annika is making her mark in the world of blogging and fashion!  

Check her out at and 

Lots of Love from Promise HQ! xoxo

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